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About: L for All
Laneways For All

Laneways for All developed through conversations with friends and family who were contemplating building a laneway home, but wanted a home that would offer flexibility as their needs changed over time. Our organization worked with architects & adaptability experts to develop an essential checklist & visual tools to help Toronto homeowners. The ALL Standard is your must-do list to ensure built-in adaptability in your new laneway home so that people of all ages and life stages may enjoy it!

About: Who
Who will live in your Laneway Home?

After construction, you may rent your new laneway home initially to help cover some of the costs. After that, perhaps your adult children may move in when they are at school or starting a family. Later on when you are looking do downsize but don’t want to leave your community, your laneway home can offer an excellent place to age in place and limit with the affordances built in with the ALL Standard.

About: Why
Why build an adaptable Laneway Home

Adaptive homes build in resiliency so that as your needs change over time, your home can offer flexibility easily. The average age of a Toronto home is 65years and throughout the decades homes will see multiple ages of family members and people of varying mobility levels. The current Ontario Building Code does not require any accessibility or adaptable building measures to be included in single-family homes but this leads to homes that only suit the needs of a select age group and level of mobility (certainly not 65years worth!).

About: Cost

An adaptive home will save you money. Laneways for All has worked to create the ALL Standard to specifically target the three most expensive aspects of a home to retrofit later if needed. We’ve targeted the key features to build an adaptable home that are intertwined with your home’s structure and expensive to retrofit. The average cost to implement the ALL Standard in a new laneway home build is $5,000 - $10,000 compared to $40,000 - $80,000 to implement later through future renovations. 

Costs to build in adaptability
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